Our guides use a combination of wading and fishing from drift boat or rafts to access the legendary water here in Southwest Montana. The Beaverhead and Big Hole Rivers are our home rivers and are only a short scenic drive from our ranch. We also guide fishermen on all of the Missouri Headwater Rivers including the Jefferson, Ruby, Red Rock and Madison, not to mention the small mountain streams and alpine lakes available to us by our National Forest Permits.

Montana’s finest trophy trout stream well known for producing Montana’s largest trout year after year. Its headwaters come from Clark Canyon Reservoir, a bottom feed dam. This helps to create the ultimate growing conditions for both trout and aquatic insects. With such heavy hatches of caddis, mayfly, small stonefly and crane fly it is no wonder the population of trophy trout is so high. If you like hooking up with large trout then you must fish the Beaverhead.

A classic trout stream from its upper reaches above Jackson, Montana to its confluence with the Beaverhead River near Twin Bridges, Montana; it remains one of America’s last undammed rivers. It offers both tremendous fishing and some of the finest Montana river scenery you will ever see. Browns, Rainbows, Cutthroat, Brook and Grayling readily rise to a dry fly on the Big Hole River. The Salmon Fly hatch, or what mom referred to as the “Father’s Day hatch”, offers anglers the excellent possibility to take large trophy trout on a big dry!  The Big Hole River has some great early season fishing each year before the runoff happens.

Construction was completed in 1964 and over the past 40 years this lake has continually produced more and larger trout.  You will find some great early fishing in April, right after ice out each year. With strong summer hatches and big, husky trout this can simply be the best large trout fishing you have ever had. Not sure about still water fishing? We say give it a try, but before you do make sure your reel is lubed, your drag is set and you have a full spool of backing because you’ll be going online!

Offers the angler the best in Spring Creek challenge. If you enjoy stalking trout in crystal clear water with small flies and a light rod, then Poindexter is just waiting to test your skills.

Solitude, scenic vistas, and a variety of trout are found on our alpine fishing trips.  We offer either day or overnight trips to scores of mountain lakes and streams that we access by your choice of either 4 wheel drive vehicle or horses.

Are you looking to have some water all to yourself? We offer both guided and unguided fishing on some of the areas finest private ponds, streams and spring creeks. Most have been managed to produce large trout. There is an additional rod fee charged for fishing these waters and worth every cent of it!

Didn’t quite get enough fishing during the day, need to work on your casting, or just want to watch the sunset with your fly rod in hand casting to rising rainbows? Then our ponds, located practically within casting distance of the lodge, are waiting for you.


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