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Montana Big Game Hunting

Southwest Montana is blessed with a variety of TROPHY CLASS WILDLIFE; elk, deer, moose, antelope, bear, mountain goat and big horn sheep call this home. We offer quality fair chase rifle and bow hunts in the finest Montana tradition for all of these animals. Our elk herd is one of the largest found anywhere; and consistently produces some of the heaviest horned bulls taken in Montana each season. Hunt from either our new guest lodge at our ranch or a comfortable wall tent base camp located high in the Pioneer Mountains, depending on the hunt you have booked, big game patterns and the time of year.

We have a hard working, professional staff and A-1 top-notch equipment. Personal service is a must on all of our hunts. To insure this we limit the number of clients per week and have a low client to guide ratio, either 1 on 1 or 2 on 1, unless other arrangements are made. We have the exclusive commercial hunting rights to 250,000 acres of the Beaverhead National Forest, BLM, Montana State Lands and private property where the elevations range from 5,000 feet up to 11,000 feet. Our hunting terrain varies from wind swept peaks above timberline to heavily wooded forest areas, from open ridges and parks to sagebrush-covered hillsides and even dense willow covered river bottoms on private ranches. Our families have been hunting this same area for 3 generations.

We have been outfitting in this area for 35 plus years, which totals to over 2500 days of guiding hunters in the same area. This gives you a real advantage in taking your trophy. Our guides have years of local hunting experience both archery and rifle and are experts in their field, giving you that extra edge. All of this translates into a high success rate for our hunters each year. We have a very high percentage of hunters that return year after year and will gladly provide references to anyone seriously considering one of our hunts.

Preserving the memories is as important as the trip itself and our guides are professionals at caring for your game, trophies and photographs. Whether you are staying in a backcountry tent camp or our guest lodge at the ranch you will sleep in a comfortable bed that will leave you rested and ready for another day of hunting here in our mountain paradise. Delicious, all you can eat, family style western cuisine is prepared by our cooks.

17,000 non-resident Elk - Deer combination and 4600 non-resident Deer combination licenses are sold on a first come - first serve basis with a March 15th license application deadline. Should the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks receive more applications in either category than available licenses by the March 15th deadline, a computerized drawing will take place. Applications must be completed and returned to the MFWP by March 15th. If you decide to book after the March 15th application deadline contact us to see if there are remaining unsold licenses.  Unsold licenses are sold online on a first come - first serve basis until quota is reached or the hunting season ends.  Note - these licenses have not sold out for the past 4 years.  Also recent legislation has created a preference point system for nonresident elk and deer licenses. We are happy to assist our nonresident hunting clients with understanding and using this preference point system when applying for elk or deer.

Elk hunting is our specialty, we offer Elk - Deer Combination hunts, Elk - Antelope Combination hunts or an Elk only hunts and will assist hunters with making to correct application. We suggest all nonresident applicants purchase a preference point when applying for elk or deer and a bonus point when applying for all other Montana Big Game licenses. MFWP License applications links can be found at the bottom of this page.

The moose, mountain goat and bighorn sheep permits are available through a lottery and must be applied for by May 1st, all other special permits must be applied for by June 1st of each year. The bear or wolf licenses are available over the counter but must be purchased 5 days prior to hunting.


Bears are very active in the spring as they emerge from their winter nap and set out to replace body fat lost during hibernation. New growth grass and winter killed elk and deer are high on the menu. The spring bear hunt runs from mid April to mid June and can be hunted with either a bow or rifle. Remember your bear license must be purchased before opening day of the bear season. You will want to bring your varmint gun and plenty of ammo along on this hunt.


ARCHERY HUNTING SEASON runs through September and the first half of October and coincides with the elk rut! There is nothing quite like the sound of a bugling herd bull and the thrill of working him in close enough for that ultimate archery shot. Our archery guides are experienced archery hunters themselves and have personally taken elk, deer, black bear, moose, antelope and mountain goat with the bow. We bugle, cow call, use decoys, ground blinds, tree stands, watering holes and feeding grounds when bow hunting. Archery hunting is not a sideline with us, it is our passion!

RIFLE HUNTING SEASON begins the last week of October and runs through November. We have a large resident herd of elk, deer & antelope in our area. As the winter snow comes it causes more game to migrate into our valley, thus keeping us into game all season long. We are set up to be as mobile as the game; our lodge/ranch is at 6500’ elevation and our wilderness base camp is at 9000’ elevation. We have commercial hunting permits from the National Forest, BLM and Montana State Lands and also hunt several private ranches in our valley. The permits, private property, camps and lodge enable us to be in the right area at the right time for your hunt.

MOOSE, MOUNTAIN GOAT, BIGHORN SHEEP, ANTELOPE, DEER B AND COW ELK licenses are available through special permits drawings. We will provide you with applications, correct area numbers and pertinent information. The Moose, Antelope, Deer B or Cow Elk can be added to your Elk – Deer Combination Hunt if you desire at a much-reduced rate.  We offer a late season Cow Elk only hunt for those hunters wanting to fill the freezer.

WATERFOWL AND UPLAND BIRD hunts also can be added to your Big Game Combination hunts or can be hunted on their own. A large resident population of ducks and Canadian geese; along with liberal limits and lack of hunting pressure, makes Southwest Montana some of the best shot gun hunting available today. If you like to fish as well then our “Cast and Blast” fishing and waterfowl trip is for you. Our sagebrush covered foothills; aspen groves and mountain terrain are perfect homes for a good number of Sage, Ruffed, Blue and Spruce grouse as well as Hungarian partridge. We do not have pheasant, chucker or sharp tail grouse at this elevation; you will find them more in the eastern part of Montana.

VARMINT hunts are available throughout the year. Spring gopher hunting is a great way to beat cabin fever, get some serious shooting in and enjoy the mountains as they start to green up. We suggest bringing plenty of ammo and 2 rifles so one can be cooling down, as the other is heating up.

WOLF hunts are available after the general hunting season until quotas are met or season ending dates for clients looking only to hunt a wolf. Clients hunting elk and deer may wish to purchase a wolf license in case you see one while hunting elk or deer.

Acrobat Reader for viewing and printing the Reservation Form can be downloaded here.

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